What is so special about BILLY`S FASHIONCARES, or is it just another more and less successful charity campaign, which every year is being held on the island? We don’t think so, because this campaign seems to be really special and unique.

In this period from the 6th of December until the 6th of January BILLY’S EXCLUSIVE and BILLY’S OUTLET in Port Andratx will be not offering only a 25 % discount on the actual winter collection but the same amount as the discount that the customer is getting, BILLY`S FASHIONCARES donates to a charity.

In other words: If a customer is getting a discount of 200 € for example, then BILLY`S FASHIONCARES donates also 200 € to the charity. Therefore it is in the customer’s hands, how much money finally will be donated.

Shopping, you can do everywhere. But to be fashionable up to date, to save money and additionally doing good, that’s unique.

For this first action BILLY`S FASHIONCARES decided to support the ASPANOB association (www.aspanob.com).

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